95km hike over 4 days. Guided, luggage transfer, catered, 1 support vehicle. Accommodation in old farmhouses. Our own Baviaans Camino.



The 95km hike is split over 4 days, between suitable overnight points where there is a roof over our heads, a donkey to have a hot shower, and flushing toilets.  Everything we need for the four days must be taken into the area.  We also transport your luggage, hence the need of a support vehicle.

Communication in the Baviaans Wilderness Area is basically non-existent (and absolute bliss) with extremely limited cell phone reception – again the need for a support vehicle and crew in case of emergencies.

A crew of 3 will take care of all your needs – from guiding your way through the mountains to taking care of blisters, making sure you have enough to eat and an ice cold beer or G&T awaits at the next stop.  These are all the elements we need to really “get away from it all” for a few days, but adds to the costs.

In order to make it as cost effective as possible we require a minimum group size of 8, but can take up to 14.

Kindly contact us for the current rates and a fact sheet