93km over 4 days on horseback or by foot. Portaged, catered for, 1 support vehicle. Accommodation in old farmhouses. Our own Baviaans Camino.


dsc_4376The 93km route is split over 4 days, between suitable overnight points.  Everything we need for the four days must be taken into the area, hence the need of a support vehicle.

Communication in the Baviaans Wilderness is basically non-existent (and absolute bliss) with extremely limited cell phone reception.  We have a satellite phone for emergencies.

We transport your luggage, plus firewood, water, food, tents, sleeping bags and more.

These are all the elements we need to really “get away from it all” for a few days, but adds to the costs.

You will also be accompanied by Hercules and Anieka on horseback, with Eric and one more person in the vehicle.

In order to make it as cost effective as possible we require a group size of 14.

Kindly contact us for the current rates and a fact sheet.